Electronic Latch Lock 3792 (5V) & 3793 (12V)

Electronic Latch Lock 3792 (5V) & 3793 (12V)
Technical Drawing

The 3792 (5V) and 3793 (12V) e-latches incorporate a range of innovative features. These include both key and mechanical cable override of the electronics, a floating door strike/bolt system to accommodate mis-alignment over time, and a precision motor driven latching mechanism with excellent operation even under load.

These latches have been designed for easy connection and control and include an internal sensor for feedback on whether the door is closed. They have a push-to-lock action and on latch release will pop the door slightly ajar. For greater door movement a spring-loaded plunger is available as a replacement for the mechanical key override system.

The latches are supplied with a door mounted striker bolt (customer to specify flush fit or 2mm stand-off) and come with a 2, 4 or 6 meter cable (customer to specify)‚Äč.

Rigorously tested for durability and reliability, these latches are ideal for use on a wide variety of applications such as personal lockers, postal and delivery systems, asset management systems and other enclosures.

Download our Technical Data Sheet or see Standard Features and Additional Details for further information. 

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Product Code Body width Body height Body depth Finish Inquire
37928K (5V) 80 70 20 Silver Electrophoretic Inquire
37938K (12V) 80 70 20 Silver Electrophoretic Inquire

Standard Features

  • Rugged cast alloy construction
  • Compact size (70 high x 80 long x 20 thick)
  • Two, Ø4 attachment holes
  • Plug-in connection
  • Easy connectivity
  • Optional mechanical cable over-ride
  • Mechanical 10-disc key over-ride (1 key per 50 locks)
  • Removable over-ride lock cylinder
  • Ball ended, safe striker
  • Floating striker attachment allows for door misalignment
  • Wide tolerance striker socket
  • On-board intelligence - Easy control options
  • Door closed feedback (When locked)

Technical Data

  • Interface: JST – S6B – PH – SM4 – TB
  • Mechanical lifespan: 60,000 cycles
  • Dimensions: 70 x 80 x 20mm
  • Pull out force: 3000N
  • Maximum load for electronic opening: 150N at 5V and 12V
  • Housing material: Zinc alloy
  • Weight: 350g
  • Operating temperature range: -10 to +50 °C
  • Standby current: 1.4mA
  • Maximum current draw: 300mA
Electrical Information

The latch input and outputs connect directly to an on-board microprocessor (uC). There is one input to specify lock/unlock (2). This is internally pulled up. When it is connected to VCC (1) or left unconnected the latch will be locked. The latch will unlock when lock/unlock (2) is pulled low (connected to ground) for longer than 10ms.

There are three outputs that indicate the status of the latch. The presence of a latch is indicated by a low signal on the latch present output (3).

The locked status (4) indicates whether the latch is in the locked position (high) or not (low). When this output is high the latch internally is in the locked state. If the door is still open, it will be locked shut when it is next closed.

The latched status (5) indicates whether the striker bolt is latched into the lock (high) or not (low). This identifies whether the door is shut and locked or not. If the latch is unlocked (see above), the latched indicator will always be low.

Connection Diagram

Male Connector
 Pin  Description
 1  +5V or +12V
 2  In – lock/unlock
 3  Out – latch present (active low)
 4  Out – locked (active high)
 5  Out – latched (active high)
 6  Ground



Timing Diagram

Electronic Latch Lock 37928K
 Product Code  Description
 37928K 5V  Latch (Silver Electrophoretic)
37938K 12V  Latch (Silver Electrophoretic)

Optional colours available upon request

 Product Code  Description  ‘X’ Dimension
 9519010  Striker assembly (flush fit)  20mm
 9519011  Striker assembly (2mm stand-off)  22mm
Plug (replacement barrel) for Electronic Latch Lock 37928K
 Product Code  Description
 9235435  Plug (barrel replacement with anti-drill pins)
Spring Loaded Door Plunger for Electronic Latch Lock 37928K
 Product Code  Description
 9519013  13mm Spring Loaded door plunger (Replaces Barrel Override)
 Product Code  Description
 9560520  2 Metre Cable 
 9560540  4 Metre Cable
 9560560  6 Metre Cable

NOTE: All cables have male connectors both ends

 Product Code  Description
 9300124  Extra extended Override Key

NOTE: One per 50 locks/order as standard