Coin Box P004

Coin Box P004
Coin Box P004
Product Description

The Coin Box P004 attaches to the rear of the coin operated lock and retains any coins that are used to operate the lock.

The coin box is secured and operable by the use of a cam lock, giving you key control over any coins collected.

This black steel box is designed specifically for use with our range of coin operated locks 2786, 2764 and 2788.

  • Key Series: K
  • Lock Combinations: 2,000
  • Key Combinations Available: KTD; KTP; KTDS
  • Standard Finish: Black Steel
  • Coin Capacity: 50 – 100 coins depending on the size of the coin
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsBody widthBody heightBody depthCamlockFinishEnquire
P004K200011411031 D086Black Enquire
P005K200011411031 C702Black Enquire
P007K200011411040 C559Black Enquire
Technical Drawing