Automotive Accessory Locks

Automotive Accessory Locks Scene

Lowe & Fletcher Inc is a leading supplier of locks to the automotive aftermarket industry, providing locking systems for vehicle parts, equipment, and accessories. Our vehicle accessory lock range is suitable for many automotive applications. View some of the most common uses of our vehicle accessory locks below. 

Recreational vehicle locks

Lowe & Fletcher Inc’s range of locks for recreational vehicles includes locking systems for campers and motorhomes. We supply:

  • Camper door locks
  • Camper wheel locks
  • Camper hitch locks
  • Motorhome door locks
  • Motorhome access panel locks
  • Filler cap locks

Trailer locks

Trailer lock solutions from Lowe & Fletcher Inc are specifically designed to enhance the security of vehicle loading and storage areas as well as increased safety of hitches and couplers. We supply:

  • Trailer hitch locks
  • Trailer wheel locks
  • Trailer tongue locks
  • Trailer coupler locks
  • Trailer door locks

Vehicle storage locks

From panniers on motorcycles to tonneau covers on pick-up truck beds, Lowe & Fletcher Inc supplies a range of locking systems to suit virtually any vehicle storage applications to safely store and secure cargo, tools and more. Our range of vehicle storage locks includes:

  • Pannier locks
  • Tonneau cover locks
  • Toolbox locks
  • Roof box locks

Automotive locks for sports equipment and vehicle roof storage

Lowe & Fletcher Inc supports an active lifestyle with a range of locks suitable for the secure transit of sports equipment such as bikes, skis, fishing rods, canoes, kayaks and more.  Our range of vehicle roof storage locks includes:

  • Roof rack locks
  • Roof box locks
  • Roof bar locks
  • Sports rack locks

Not the right vehicle accessory locking system for you?

Here at Lowe & Fletcher Inc, we specialize in providing custom locking solutions to the automotive aftermarket industry. For help selecting the best locking system for your vehicle design or project, get in touch with one of our lock specialists who will be happy to help. 

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