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Barrel Insertion

Insertion may be achieved with either the servant key, the removal key, or no key fitted into
the barrel. Insertion can only be achieved when the product is in the unlocked position.

Insertion Procedure:

Align orientation marks located on barrel and housing faces (see image) Push barrel fully into the housing (front face of barrel and housing will be flush) If fitting with the removal key, hold the barrel in place to remove the key Product should now function as a standard lock with the servant key.

Barrel Removal

Removal can only be achieved when the product is in the unlocked position (orientation marks are aligned) and the removal key is inserted.

Removal Procedure

Turn the barrel to the unlocked position using the servant key. Orientation marks should now be aligned (see image), remove the servant key Insert removal key fully into barrel Withdrawal of the removal key will now also remove the barrel.

Removable Barrel Procedure

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