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When a new fitness studio was being designed and built in Germany, the studio owner had very specific requirements for the locks that were to be installed on the lockers.

With over 1300 members, it was important that the locks were easy to use and operate for both staff and members, and it was imperative that the locking solution was keyless.

The Pulsar RFID lock offered the perfect solution as the locks provide contactless, RFID locking. In case of system failure or if immediate supervisory access is necessary, the RFID locking feature can be bypassed by use of the steel override key that is provided with each installation.

The locks work on the same RFID frequency as the studios cards, tags and bracelets, and the problem of locker ownership or ‘blocking’ was also alleviated.

The Pulsar RFID lock is available with a range of options and accessories that make it a perfect choice for your contactless locking needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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