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Key features of pin tumbler locks

There are two main types of Pin Tumbler Locks in this section, many of which are fitted with cams and operate with the same versatility as disc tumbler cam locks found in the cam locks section.

  • Radial Pin Tumbler Locks (RPT) Where the pins are arranged radially and use a round key. Our range includes 9 pin pick resistant locks and plunger locks.
  • In-Line Pin Tumbler locks (In-Line PT) Where the pins are arranged in line and use a flat key. Our range includes pin tumbler cam locks.
  • Enhanced security features Many of our locks have an anti-drill feature to provide greater protection and resistance to picking.
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Take a look at how our locking systems are being used by our customers across many sectors in the real world.

Smart lockers settled in beach resort

Real-Time Clock solution at work in commercial offices

Access Code Managed system chosen for student lockers

Collection Lockers for BOPIS orders

Electronic locks selected for Museum

RFID enabled locks installed at Fitness Studio

Eclipse digital lock selected by University

Gemini Locks installed in schools

Electronic locks selected for mobility charging and anti-theft stations

BOPIS order Cabinets

RFID enabled locks installed at Taronga Zoo

RFID enabled locks installed University

Cam Locks chosen for Metal Office Furniture range

Digital Combination Locks installed at Soccer Club

Furniture Locks chosen for Wooden Office Furniture range

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