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Key features of cam locks

Cam Locks consist of a base unit (the housing and barrel) with a cam attached, operating the lock moves the cam to open and close the lock. This category contains a range of disc tumbler cam locks, water resistant cam locks, and tool or coin operated cam locks. For further information on Waterproof Standards click here.

  • Mini cam locks Mini cam locks work in the same way as a full-sized cam lock but are designed for applications where space is limited.
  • Slamlocks Slamlocks are a range of cam locks that automatically lock when closed or slammed shut, hence slamlock.
  • Water resistant camlocks Some of our cam locks are IP65 rated, making them ideal for use on outdoor applications such as Enclosures and Postal.
  • Wide variety of options Our range of cam locks come with different head shapes and sizes and a wide variety of other options including Standard movements, Lock combinations, Lock finish and Fixing hole shape.
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20mm UGL Camlock 0902
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