Zodiac Package Locker System

Zodiac Package Locker System

The Zodiac Package Locker System enables workers from any delivery service company to deliver and pickup packages in seconds, even when the recipient isn’t available. Lowe & Fletcher software sends an email or SMS alert when a package is delivered. It can even be used to return packages or as an on-site package drop-off/pickup exchange.

User Experience
Easy and intuitive to use with simple user navigation.

Designed from the ground up for best-in-class security and redundancy.

Rigorously tested, warrantied, and ready for continual operations.

All components can be hidden to achieve an attractive, sleek appearance.

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Integrated hardware and package delivery software

Our Zodiac system is a flexible set of components that enables locker and cabinet makers to offer their customers smart lockers and package and drop-off locker systems. There are no daunting electrical enclosures or complicated on-site wiring. Instead, each system builds upon just three elements:

  • A Touchscreen Interface loaded with fast, user-friendly software 
  • Secure E-Latches with best-in-class strength and performance
  • Distribution Boards to integrate the latches with the system interface

Intelligent Hardware


The gloss black touchscreen installs flush to the locker face. It is bright, high resolution and robust enough for public use in monitored, indoor environments such as building lobbies. It is easily mounted with adaptable brackets. The intuitive control system includes Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity.

Distribution Board

These communication units connect to the touchscreen and can each control up to 12 e-latches. Additional boards can be linked together to control large numbers of secure latches.

Electronic Latch

The unobtrusive e-latch has best-in-class security with fast and quiet opening, even under load. It has a rugged metal case and features a manual key override and optional rear mechanical cable override. The locking bolt is designed to accommodate minor door misalignment to make installation easier.

Powerful Software

A streamlined user experience

Clear, easy to use menus are designed to make every interaction fast and intuitive. Packages or belongings can be delivered and collected in seconds without any prior training. Email notifications are possible and the system supports multiple languages.

Sophisticated management tools

System settings are controlled through an administrator menu in the user-friendly software. User data and access permissions can be imported easily from PC files. Usage logs are available for audit purposes.

Unique branding and customization

The software has been designed to support custom branding and color schemes, which can be applied on a system-by-system basis. Further customization is also possible on request.