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Slamlock F782

A slamlock F782 available in left and right orientation with a removable barrel.

Slot Beschrijving

This slamlock is designed with the same fixing hole dimensions as our range of coinlocks, giving the customer maximum flexibility and choice at the point of installation.

Ideal for use on lockers and personal storage applications in many environments including schools and education, workplaces and leisure.

For further information contact us on +32 61 212.261.

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Product Code Key Series Combinations Head Width Head Depth Barrel Type Finish Handed Wet Area Enquire
F782-L 2000 22 18 Removable Barrel Black Plastic Left Yes
F782-R 2000 22 18 Removable Barrel Black Plastic Right Yes

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Slamlock F782 technical drawing
Slamlock F782 technical drawing