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9.5mm Mini Camlock 0221

A 9.5mm Mini Camlock 0221 in Nickel with a round fixing hole shape. An ideal small camlock for numerous applications where space is limited or compact dimensions are required such as furniture and personal storage.

Aanbevolen techniek
9.5mm Mini Camlock 0221 Technische tekening
Vergrendel opties
Product Code Key Series Combinations Body Length Head Width Head Depth Cam Fixing Finish Head Shape Housing Fixing Max Panel Thickness Movement Enquire
221 100 9.5 22 5 Clip Nickel Conical Horseshoe Clip 4 3
257 200 9.5 22 4.7 Nut + Washer Nickel Conical Horseshoe Clip 4 3

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9.5mm Mini Camlock 0221 technical drawing