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3 Point Cams

A range of 3-point cams that can be used as a stand alone locking mechanism or with our range of Swing Handles and Rods PR38 and PR36 to form a complete locking system.

Slot Beschrijving

For further information and guidance on which Rods and accessories are available please see the Program Scheme.

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3-Point Cams Zinc Plate

Aanvullende informatie

3 Point Cams technical drawing

Suitable Rods and Accessories

 Locking Mechanism Rods (must select one) Rod Guide Cam Cover Cam Adapter  Rod Adapter
 3-Point Cam Only N/A N/A P3150 (7) P3149 (8)  
   PR3803-A-B-L W108-2 (15)     W105 (17)
   PR3611-L W109-1 (16)      
   PR3612-L W109-1 (16)      
   PR3811-L W109-2 (16)      
   PR3801-L W109-2 (16)     W105 (17)
   PR3813-L W108-2 (15)