Security Hardware Event 2019, Arizona

Security Hardware Event 2019, Arizona

28 May 2019

Lowe & Fletcher returned to the annual SHDA (Security Hardware Distributors Association) event in May—held this year in Phoenix, Arizona.

At last year’s event we introduced Security Hardware Distributors to the Lowe & Fletcher Electronic and Mechanical Combination locks. At this year’s event we were able to report on the growing success that select distributors have enjoyed by having sold our products to their customer base. For example, we did live demos of our RAS (Remote Allocation System) system at SHDA while reporting success stories of SHDA distributors selling our RAS locks to Hospitals—who are finding RAS to reduce their service labor costs.

We shared success stories of Distributors using our Wet Area Electronic locks for their customers in the hospitality market who are operating pools, spas, water parks, and saunas. Our presentation motivated SHDA distributors as they heard of the early success from last year’s introduction of our products to this sales channel.

This also allowed us to use the 2019 SHDA event to strategically add SHDA Distributors in geographic areas of the country where we wanted deeper coverage for our sales channel. Unlike many manufacturers, Lowe & Fletcher has been selective in creating distribution partnerships. SHDA has helped us to do this and connect with Distributors who are a “good fit” for our approach to the marketplace. In summary, we have found success through SHDA events and look forward to 2020.


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