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Lowe & Fletcher produces its millionth electronic lock!

Lowe & Fletcher produces its millionth electronic lock!

30 Jun 2020

Lowe & Fletcher has reached a milestone in production with its’ one millionth electronic lock being made in June 2020 at its facility in the UK. Since its launch in 2012, the electronic kit lock has proven to be a versatile and reliable lock used by customers across the world to secure all manner of lockers and furniture.

Lowe & Fletcher was founded in 1889 and at that time specialized in locks made from brass, bronze and polished gunmetal. From there they became the leading supplier of high quality brass padlocks for Ships and became an official Admiralty and War Office Contractor.

The best-selling electronic kit lock range has expanded since its launch to include the Gemini and Horizon Digital Locks, and the Pulsar RFID Lock. However the biggest change to the Lowe & Fletcher product range is the innovative system of smart, connected locks that can be controlled by computer or via an app. With differing levels of access and control, these intelligent locking systems can be used in commercial, residential, leisure and educational environments to ensure the secure collection and delivery of packages and parcels and storage of personal belongings.

For more information on our connected locks or any of our digital locks please email or contact us on +1 (616) 994 0490.


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