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Introducing the new range of contactless RFID locks – part of the Nimbus Digital Combination Lock family!

The Nimbus RFID digital lock provides contactless locking in the same sleek, slimline style and footprint as the Nimbus digital combination lock.

Manufactured in the UK, Nimbus is compatible with RFID standards and incorporates a membrane touchpad for ease of programming. The keypad can also be used to override the lock when required.

Available in public, private and RAS remote allocation modes, typical applications for the lock include commercial and office environments, lockers and enclosures.

The wet area version is water resistant up to IP65 making it suitable for use in wet and chlorinated environments including locker and storage areas in swimming pools, gyms, health centres or spas.

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Suitable Applications

Standard Features

  • Choice of RFID card or keypad use
  • Public, private or remote allocation (RAS) user modes
  • Black, silver, white, chrome and brushed nickel colour available
  • Wet area version available

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