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Nimbus Wet Area Digital Combination Lock 3961

The new Nimbus wet area digital combination lock 3961 provides keyless locking and is water resistant up to IP65.

Descrizione del blocco

Suitable for use in wet and chlorinated environments, the Nimbus digital code lock is compatible with the RAS remote allocation system making it ideal for locker and storage areas in swimming pools, gyms, health centres or spas.

Unique to all our digital combination locks, you can use our steel override key to bypass the keyless locking feature when immediate supervisory access is necessary.

The new Nimbus range of locks are all designed to fit the same footprint as our standard digital combination range (3780 and 3781), making them easy to upgrade or retro-fit to existing installations.

For further information please email or contact us on +32 61 212.261.

User, Programming and Installation instructions can be found on our Risorse tecniche page.

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Blocca opzioni
Product Code Altezza del frontale Body Width Body Depth chiedere
3961 140 41 24.75
Caratteristiche standard
  • Black, Silver or White colour
  • Steel override key
  • Two or three point fixing
  • Wide variety of cams
  • LED indicator lights
  • Optional audible keypad
  • Battery condition indicator
  • 8-digit master code
  • 6-digit sub-master code
  • 4-digit user code
  • Private or Public user modes
  • 17mm or 21mm spindle length
  • Auto unlock mode
  • Auto lock mode
  • Technician mode
  • 2 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Up to 50,000 cycles per pair of batteries
  • Vertical, left and right hand fixing
  • Multiple incorrect code timed lock-out protection

Optional features

  • Available with Remote Allocation System (RAS)
  • Chrome finish
  • Brushed Nickel finish
  • Door open alarm
  • Pre-programmed modes and codes
  • Customised logo

Additional Information