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Pedestal File Lock Fitting Guide

The Lowe & Fletcher pedestal file lock can be fitted in a few seconds and is used in conjunction with a simple locking bar (not-supplied) which is fitted with pegs. By turning the key 180°, the roller cam on the back of the lock moves the bar downward, and the peg engages in the spring steel catch plate fitted on the side of the drawer and thus prevents the drawer being pulled out.

In the open position the roller cam moves past top dead centre which prevents the bar from dropping and accidentally locking the cabinet.

Typical lock and locking bar application with locking bars for use with pedestal locks.
Locking bars are made to individual customer requirements only. For quotations please send detailed drawing to our sales office.

Adjustable Pegs Product No: 8009801
Saddle Product No: 7015501
Locking bar pegs – Rivetted DIM.X
88044-0100 13mm
88004-0200 20mm
88004-0300 25mm
88004-0400 8.5mm
88004-0500 10mm
88004-0600 7.5mm
88004-0700 19mm
88004-0800 26mm
88004-0900 30mm
88004-1000 3.5mm
88004-1100 16mm
88004-1200 5.5mm
88004-1300 22mm
88004-1400 45mm
88004-1500 2.5mm
Locking bar pegs – Threaded DIM.X
88044-0100 7mm
88044-0200 10mm
88044-0300 13mm
88044-0400 16mm
88044-0500 20mm
88044-0600 26mm
88044-0700 32mm
88044-0800 45mm
88044-0900 38mm
88044-1100 12mm
88044-1200 5.5mm
88044-13000 22.5mm
88044-1400 29.5mm
88044-1500 18mm
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