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A large range of cams are available. Cams can be straight, 45° cranked or 90° cranked. Cams can also be notched on either edge as required.

Cams can be fitted at 3, 6, 9 or 12 o’clock as shown. Please specify following details when ordering:

  1. For all cams:
    • Cam reference (if known)
    • Cam position when locked
    • Dimension B
  2. For cranked cams:
    • Whether cranked towards head or away from head
    • Dimension A (alternatively please quote dimension X)
  3. For notched cams when viewed from the front of the lock:
    • If fitted at 6 or 12 o’clock specify whether notch is on Left or Right hand side
    • If fitted at 3 or 9 o’clock specify whether notch faces upwards or downwards
Cam Position

Choose cam position when locked
(view from front).

cam position
Cam Movements

Cam movements to lock/unlock correspond to the key movements. Please see Standard Movements for more information.

cam Movements
Dimension "X"

X dimension is the distance between the underside of the lock head and inside face of the cam. “A” dimension to be specified on cam number. Please see Standard Cams and Mini Cams for more information.

Dimension "B"

B dimension is the working length of the cam measured from the centre of the lock. NOTE: with a notched cam please state “notched – left” (shown) or “notched – right”.

Dimension 'B'
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Standard Movements

The charts on these pages show the standard movements for cam locks, radial pin tumbler locks and key switch locks.

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