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Cam locks are a robust, cylindrical locking mechanism used in many different applications in industry. Here, we explore 10 of the most common uses for cam locks.

  1. Metal furniture
    Cam locks are widely used by manufacturers of metal furniture ranges such as desks, filing cabinets, drawers and office storage units where durability and design go hand in hand. Lowe & Fletcher offer tailored metal office furniture lock solutions for any application.
  2. Wooden furniture
    Wooden furniture makers are always looking for good value, quality locks to complement their creations. With cam locks from the Lowe & Fletcher range, wooden furniture is not only functional, but stylish and secure.
  3. Mail boxes
    As with all outdoor applications, water resistant locks with advanced secure locking mechanisms are required for mail box applications. Cam locks provide a long-lasting solution and prevent theft of private mail.
  4. Automotive accessories
    Cam locks are found in many applications within the automotive industry, including campers and motorhomes, fuel filler caps, trailer hitch locks, roof racks and much more. Lowe & Fletcher automotive accessories cam lock range can handle virtually any application – we also supply custom solutions.
  5. Asset management systems 
    Security is very important when it comes to asset management systems. We offer a superior range of pick resistant locks for applications such as snack and drinks vending machines, cash registers, arcade gaming machines, safes and much more.
  6. Bicycle locks 
    From traditional bicycle locks to advanced locking systems for bike batteries and drive mechanisms on e-bikes, our range of cam locks and locking systems are the answer for manufacturers of bike security solutions.
  7. Enclosures 
    Cam locks are a common choice for a range of industrial enclosures designed to protect mechanical or electrical equipment due to the robustness of the locks.
  8. Lockers
    At Lowe & Fletcher, we take lock security seriously for all applications, and lockers are no different. Cam locks used on lockers provide a safe and secure place for storage of personal belongings for gyms, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, corporate and industrial facilities and a range of other uses.
  9. Windows & Doors 
    Lowe & Fletcher’s range of key operated water resistant cam locks are often used by property builders to secure domestic window handles and garage doors as they combine security with practicality.
  10. Medical office furniture 
    Healthcare facilities require safe storage for confidential and private documents and medicines, where only allocated staff members have access to keys. Our cam lock range is commonly used in such facilities across the globe.

Lowe & Fletcher are leading suppliers for locks and locking systems for industrial applications. View our full range of cam locks and slamlocks online or get in touch for expert advice on the best locking solution for your application.

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