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All businesses, regardless of their size and nature, have assets or areas of their building that need to be protected from the risk of malicious damage or theft. Examples of these could include computer server rooms, mechanical or electrical housings, commercial refrigeration or alarm systems. The solution to this security issue is access control with a secure door lock system.

Access control is the use of locks on doors, entrances or enclosures within a building for the purpose of controlling, monitoring, or even restricting access to help protect valuable assets inside. Using access control offers a convenient, flexible, cost-effective and secure way to control ‘high risk’ areas. It saves wasting resources to manually check or control who can access these areas and makes access controlled enclosures, housing and buildings much more difficult to penetrate, and therefore more secure.

Who needs access door lock systems and what are the benefits?

Access control door lock systems are widely used in many commercial and domestic settings, particularly within the healthcare, manufacturing, retail and education sectors – you will probably encounter them on a daily basis without realising! They are also found within settings such as retirement homes and offices, where it is necessary to restrict access to various locations within buildings. This may be to protect confidential documents, for health and safety reasons, or to prevent tampering with valuable equipment. There are many benefits to using access control door lock systems:

  • A highly secure system that prevents access from unauthorized persons
  • Protects valuable items from damage or theft
  • In the unlikely event of a breach of security it will be easier to identify who is responsible.
  • Protects entry to areas by unauthorised individuals without required safety equipment
  • Employees feel protected
  • A convenient security solution that is cost effective

At Lowe & Fletcher Inc our access control door lock systems range from state of the art electronic fob readers to manual and mechanical door locks. But what are the various types of access control that are available, and which would best suit your needs?

The options for access control door lock systems

We offer a wide variety of access door lock systems to suit both domestic and commercial requirements:

Electronic and digital locks

Electronic access door locks are the most technologically advanced locking solution to ensure only approved persons can gain access to restricted areas. These locking systems operate without keys (through a keypad system) which significantly reduces additional costs such as locksmith services and replacement keys, and negates the security risk of duplicate keys.

Electronic access door lock systems are fast and easy to use and code changing is straightforward and simple. Another advantage that applies to many of the electronic access door locks offered here at Lowe & Fletcher in the US is that they can be used with the Remote Allocation System (RAS). This system allows locks to be managed remotely via a simple web-based system. This further improves efficiency by reducing running costs, particularly service call outs, and the need for keys to be carried by those approved to have access.

However, for many organisations the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of electronic access door lock systems, making them one of the most popular choices in commercial applications.

Manual door locks

Manual locks for access doors are, as the name suggests, operated manually by a key. This is a very traditional option, and whilst it may not be as high tech as using an electronic or digital access door lock, it still remains popular and is classed as an access control measure preventing unauthorised access. In some environments, all that is needed for certain access doors is, in fact, a manual door lock.

Tool operated locks

The term Tool Operated Locks refers to a range of locks which do not operate by using a conventional standard key system. Tool operated locks utilize a unique key system using a tool, coin or wrench which makes them ideal for use on access control doors. Due to their sturdiness and reliability, tool operated locks are often seen in many industrial applications and where access control is required. Our most requested tool operated locks for access door lock systems include coin or tool operated cam locks, tool operated plunger locks and tool operated slamlocks.

So which access door lock system is best for me?

The ideal access door lock system for your business is a very subjective matter. The choice very much depends upon factors such as the security needs of your organisation, whether you prefer to use a key or tool, or to retain to memory a code. So, when making your choice of access door lock system here are a few suggestions as to questions you may need to ask yourself:

  • Do I find it easier to use/remember codes than to handle keys?
  • Can I easily keep multiple keys secure?
  • Will I require quick, hassle-free access to the access controlled area? Would this ever be in the dark?
  • Is the area that my business is located in affected by high rates of crime?
  • Are my business premises situated within a high flood risk area?

Lowe & Fletcher Inc offer a range of locks for every type of access door lock system and we are happy to advise on which lock would be best suited to your needs. For more information click this link or get in touch with us today.

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