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Locks for any application

Our locks can be found on a huge number of different products such as lockers, wooden and metal furniture, postal boxes, automotive accessories, bicycle locks, cash boxes and checkouts, heavy duty vehicles, windows and doors, a wide variety of enclosures and many more.

We specialize in the design of custom locking systems and have worked closely with our customers to produce individual solutions for a range of locking needs. If you cannot find a product to suit your situation and would like to discuss a custom solution please contact us; our sales and technical teams will be happy to help you.

Please use the links to view the applications our products are often used for.

Asset security

We can supply standard or bespoke, pin tumbler, lever or camlocks for all your high security requirements


We are a leading supplier of locks to the automotive aftermarket industry providing locking systems for vehicle parts, equipment, and accessories



Our range of bicycle locks are designed to be a durable and secure locking system for batteries, drive mechanisms and much more


A specialist range of IP65 and water resistant locks, handles, hinges and much more designed for the enclosure market

Heavy Duty Vehicles

A range of locks and locking systems designed for heavy duty vehicles including tractors, plant and yellow goods, trains, trams and armoured vehicles


From camlocks for lockers through to electronically controlled locks and intelligent locker systems, we have locker locks to suit all needs


Medical furniture

We have an extensive, well established range of locks and locking solutions for healthcare and medical applications

Office furniture

From simple lock mechanisms to complex electronic locking solutions, our locks can be found in workplaces around the world

Locks for postal applications


From camlocks for mailboxes through to fully automated parcel delivery lockers, we are the experts in postal solutions

Windows & Door

We design and manufacture locking handles and knobs for windows, shutters, doors and garage doors

Why choose Lowe & Fletcher?

Lowe & Fletcher has been designing, manufacturing and supplying superior locking systems since 1889.

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