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22mm Rim Lock 0475

A series of 22mm Rim Locks available in bright nickel or black KTL.

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22mm Rim Lock 0475 Technical Drawing
Lock Description

This lock has a removable barrel and is ideal for use on items such as cupboards and cabinets.

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Lock Options
Product Code Key Series Combinations Body Length Head Depth Lock Fixing Movement Nozzle Diameter Enquire
0471 500 22 2 Horizontal 3 16.3
0471 B 500 22 2 Horizontal 3 17.8
0475 500 22 2 Vertical 3 16.3
0475 B 500 22 2 Vertical 3 17.8
Standard Features
  • Standard movements: 3 (180° CW)
  • Standard cam stroke: 14mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 16.3mm or 17.8mm
  • Lock Combinations: 500
  • Standard finish: Bright nickel, black KTL
  • Can be supplied with Master Key and Sub-Master Key systems

Accessories available:

  • Rosette 70080037B (16,3 mm nozzle)
  • Rosette C4236 (17,8 mm nozzle)
  • Striker plate 7015802

Additional Information

22mm Rim Lock 0475 technical drawing

Key Options

B8842 Metal Key

Metal Keys

Key code Key combinations
B8842 SMT001 – SMT250
B8843 SMT301 – SMT550
Capped Keys

Capped Keys

Key code Key combinations
B8849 SMT001 – SMT250
B8850 SMT301 – SMT550

Please state when ordering

Split Keys

Split Keys

Key code Key combinations
B8752 SMT001 – SMT250
B8765 SMT301 – SMT550
General Master Key

General Master Key

Key code
MAS/S04 opens the complete range of combinations in this series
Sub-Master Keys

Sub-Master Keys

Key code Key combinations
SM1-04 SMT001 – SMT250
SM2-04 SMT301 – SMT550
Removal Key

Removal Key

Key code
B8754 extraction of barrel for all combinations in this series