Why are industrial locking systems overlooked?

Why are industrial locking systems overlooked?

09 Dec 2019

When an area needs to be secured, many people don't think twice about using a basic lock and key solution to solve the problem. If it works for their house, why wouldn't it work for other applications?

But the fact is that when it comes to industrial situations, you need a comprehensive industrial locking solution.

Lowe & Fletcher have been providing superior industrial locks and locking solutions to a range of sectors for over 130 years. Originally specialising in the design and production of the highest quality locks made from brass, bronze and polished gunmetal, the company diversified into producing a range of high-quality industrial locks for every scenario.

Avoiding common hazards

There are a range of commonly made mistakes when it comes to locking solutions in the industrial sector. Most of these stem from using the incorrect lock for the required situation. The correct lock will depend on the scenario, but generally, a domestic lock and key solution will not be suitable.

Common considerations when choosing an industrial lock include:

  • The risk of theft of burglary - are tools, products or employee belongings at risk of being targeted by burglars?
  • Tampering - usually associated with confidential or vital solutions, such as data server cabinets and meter boxes, an unsuitable lock can lead to unwanted interference, whether intentional or accidental.
  • Employee security - In high-risk or high profile scenarios where employees could be targets for harassment or violence, ensuring only those who have been vetted can access areas is hugely important.
  • ISO implications - the physical security of your building and the protection of your confidential information is an important part of ISO 27001 accreditation. During a risk assessment, an independent auditor could find that your current locking system is inadequate. Suitable interior locks are a big part of minimising the risk of forced or unauthorised entry and data theft. Some clients or investors will often consider the ISO status of the companies they choose to work with.

For all of these scenarios, a basic, domestic locking system would not be enough to meet required standards. Instead, an industrial lock would be the preferred solution. But what is the best industrial lock?

Which industrial lock should I buy?

Industrial-strength locking solutions are often overlooked in favour of more basic solutions. This is usually to save money or effort. But cutting corners can have a serious unwanted impact on several areas of your business.

Each of our industrial locking solutions has been designed for different scenarios where they can be of greater benefit than standard locks.

Some of our most popular solutions include:

  • Disc tumbler camlocks - generally used for applications such as securing metal and wooden furniture, personal storage such as lockers and display equipment.
  • Radial pin tumbler (RPT) locks - more resistant to lock picking than the disc tumbler variant, RPT locks are ideal for industrial locking applications such as motorhome and trailer security, the automotive aftermarket, and vending and slot machines.
  • Lever locks - a set of levers stop the locking bolt from moving until a key is inserted. The higher the number of levers the more secure the lock. These are perfect for high-security metal furniture, safe manufacturing, cash management systems and PC security.
  • Electronic kit locks - featuring a keypad and a host of other security measures, electronic kit locks are ideal for protecting employee-only areas and areas of risk such as factory floors.
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) locks - a keyless lock providing contactless entry. RFID locks use radio waves to transmit signals from a card key to the lock, providing secure ease of access to authorised personnel. Ideal for high profile areas such as hotels, schools, offices, hospitals and industrial warehouses.

Frequently asked questions

What if I forget my combination?

Our locks will generally come with a master key override allowing you to access areas in the case of forgotten combinations. However, these should be kept safe and not used in place of the standard combination.

Can industrial locks be used externally?

We provide a range of locks that are designed to IP65 and IP55 standards, allowing them to be used on some external applications such as post or mailboxes. Many of our digital locks are designed to be used in wet or chlorinated areas also.

How can I be sure of the quality of my lock?

We have over a century of experience in designing and producing secure, specialist industrial lock solutions. We are confident in our ability to provide the right security solution for you, and we are certified by several industry bodies including the BSI (ISO 9001:2015), WERCS and RoHS3. For more information, visit our certifications page.

If this article has not answered your question, please get in touch on +1 (616) 994 0490, or email us at and our product experts will be happy to help.


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