Key operated multi-point locking system

Key operated multi-point locking system

08 Apr 2020

Key operated multi-point locking systems offer a good level of security as the lock mechanism bolts to a door, cupboard or drawer frame and locks at several points with one turn of the key. They are a popular choice for businesses where security is paramount as they are more difficult to prise open due to the multi-locking points.

Depending on the application of the locking system, Lowe & Fletcher Inc’s Espagnolet Locks and Multi-Point Locks have been carefully researched, designed and manufactured to enhance the privacy and security of furniture such as desks, cupboards, cabinets and drawers.

Espagnolet locks

Espagnolet locks are a 3-point locking system, typically used in wooden furniture ranges such as cabinets and cupboards. Rods which have hooks at either end are fitted above and below the locking mechanism. These hooks fit into sockets or brackets located at both the top and bottom of the cupboard door, and so creates a secure locking solution. This lock range comes in a range of sizes to meet the specific requirements of the application and comes with a choice of lock combinations and finishes; black, black KTL, bright nickel or nickel.

Multi-point locks

Multi-point locks are typically used in wooden office furniture applications such as drawers, desks or double opening cupboards to provide a secure locking mechanism to prevent against prising. They typically have two locking points located strategically to offer a strong, solid solution. Multi-point locks come in a range of sizes (standard sizes between 22mm - 25mm). They come with a wider choice of lock combinations and come in a range of finishes; bright chrome, bright nickel, black chrome, nickel, zinc plate and passivate. Where appropriate, these locks can be supplied with master key and sub-master key systems.

Why choose Lowe & Fletcher Inc for your multi-point locks?

Lowe & Fletcher Inc has been designing and manufacturing locks for industrial and commercial use since 1889. We are dedicated to the research and development of secure locking systems and pride ourselves on providing the best products and service to our customers. For more information on our lock ranges, or for custom locking solutions, get in touch with us today.


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