Electronic code locks and their uses

Electronic code locks and their uses

13 Feb 2018

Electronic code locks are the way forward in enhancing security, especially for establishments responsible for a high number of staff, customers or guests. Go keyless electronic locking systems are useful for reducing unwanted entry and offering significant benefits - making the initial investment truly worthwhile.

Features of electronic code locks:

Electronic locking systems come in many different forms and can be used in almost any application with the benefits associated with keyless door locking which prevents security issues caused by damaged, lost or stolen keys. These are some of the main features which make electronic code locks so desirable to many industries:

  • Private mode
  • Public mode
  • Automatic opening
  • Operator pin and master code
  • Emergency over ride key
  • Standard AA batteries – up to 80,000 cycles per pair of batteries
  • Wet area

Functions of electronic code locks:

Lowe & Fletcher Inc’s range of electronic code locks can be used for a variety of industrial applications across a number of sectors including:

  • Lockers – businesses such as gyms, hotels, healthcare and corporate facilities offer lock-up or locker facilities for guests and staff to keep belongings safe when unattended. Physical keys can go missing, so electronic code locks are a great means of ensuring that belongings can be retrieved without costly repairs or replacements to the locker itself.

  • Furniture – electronic code locks are often used in corporate environments for personal or temporary storage for staff belongings. Items such as wooden office furniture, filing cabinets and metal office furniture should be equipped with a secure locking system where privacy or security is necessary. 

  • Cash management – security in the cash management industry is crucial. As technology advances, so do criminals. Lowe & Fletcher Inc supplies a wide range of locking systems to offer the highest level of security for back-office and retail applications. 

  • Postal – locking systems, such as Lowe & Fletcher Inc’s electronic latch lock solution offer extra protection for parcel or mailboxes, storage, or asset management containers.

Lowe & Fletcher Inc is part of the Lowe & Fletcher Group who have been designing, manufacturing and supplying locks and locking systems to industry ever since 1889. Ensure your facility is as safe and secure as it possibly can be. View our advanced range of electronic locks and digital combination locks here.


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