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Commercial automatic door lock system

Commercial automatic door lock system

09 Apr 2020

For added security in government or public venues, corporate or industrail facilities, or to enhance the security of lockboxes, enclosures or other applications where a secure locking system is required, many of Lowe & Fletcher Inc’s commercial customers request automatic door lock systems. There is no one system that works for every requirement or application so we have listed a few of the more common automatic door lock systems that we supply in this article.

  • Keyless electronic kit locks - electronic locks are one of the more common commercial door lock systems as they can be designed to fit with virtually any requirement, with many different features and designs available. Depending on the level of access required and the application of the locking system, electronic locks can be designed to lock automatically and access can be controlled remotely. Keyless electronic kit locks are most commonly used in educational institutions, healthcare facilities and other government or public venues, although they can be used for many different lock requirements.

  • Slamlocks - slamlocks are exactly how they sound. Commonly used in commercial furniture applications such as desk drawers, lockers and cabinets, slamlocks are designed to lock automatically with a push to lock mechanism when the drawer or door is pushed or slammed shut. The purpose of the slamlock is to keep sensitive or valuable items secure in public use areas and in private, government or commercial buildings.

  • Lever locks - another option for automatic locking is Lowe & Fletcher Inc’s lever lock solution which are commonly used for added security on safes and enclosures. Lever locks can be custom made to suit your particular application with the added automatic locking feature.

  • Electronic latch locks - our electronic latch locks are commonly used for lockboxes and for parcel delivery system applications. The latch lock automatically locks when the door is closed and can only be accessed by entering a code on a keypad.

  • RAS system - a remote allocation system can be used with many of the electronic locks supplied by Lowe & Fletcher Inc to further enhance security as you can remotely manage access via a web-based system. If lock security is breached in any way, you will be able to grant or disallow access as necessary, quickly and from anywhere.

If none of the systems above is right for your requirements, don’t worry. Just get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to come up with the best solution.


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