Built-in Latch Locks for Lockers

Built-in Latch Locks for Lockers

21 Apr 2020

Lockers and personal storage units can be found in many different environments ranging from sports centers to educational institutions. Keeping locker contents safe is the primary goal and this can easily be achieved by using a built-in latch lock.

What is a latch lock?

Latch locks are a type of lock in which the lock is incorporated into the handle. The handle turns to rotate the cam, operating the lock and opening/closing the door. The handle will often feature a hole to facilitate the fixing of a padlock of some description to secure the lock.

Types of latch lock

A range of built-in latch locks suitable for lockers are available from Lowe & Fletcher. The most appropriate type for you will depend on your application, but much is down to design preference.

A freewheel latch lock is very secure as once a padlock has been fixed through the knob, it can rotate 360°. This way, the lock cannot be leveraged and broken.

Latch locks with override keys are also available - these are a great choice in environments where emergency access may be required. This type of lock is also beneficial in places such as educational institutions where locker keys are forgotten and misplaced on a regular basis. A master key can be kept by the facility manager, who can then operate the lock without cutting or damaging the latch.

Locks with housing lengths of less than 20mm and greater than 20mm are available to allow the locks to be built into lockers and enclosures with doors of different thicknesses.

Looking for built-in latch locks for lockers? Lowe & Fletcher can help…

Whatever your application, we’re confident that Lowe & Fletcher have the perfect built-in latch lock for you. Visit our latch lock product page to view the range on offer, or contact us today to discuss your options.


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