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Charnières externes Z300

An external hinge with a 180° maximum hinge rotation angle. The hinge is ideal for use on large enclosure doors such as cable box enclosures as it can hold the door open or closed.

Plans technique
Charnières externes Z300 Plan
Options de verrouillage
Code Produit Material Max Hinge Rotation Angle Renseignements
Z300 Brass 180°
Caractéristiques standards
  • Material: Brass
  • Pin manufactured from Stainless steel
  • Fixing screws and washers included

Informations Complémentaires

Charnières externes Z300 technical drawing

Part Number Guide

Product Number  Material  Optional finish
Z300 MA Brass 7 B Nickel plated
    2 A Chrome plated
    2 C Satin Chrome plated
    6 A Zinc plated
Z300 MA 2 A