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Charnières à pistons Z403

A Pin hinge designed for use on lighter weight doors with an opening angle of 105 °. The guide bsuhing allows for a quick and stable hinge assembly and this unique design also means the hinge can be used on left and right hand doors.

Plans technique
Charnières à pistons Z403 Plan
Options de verrouillage
Code Produit Colour Material Max Hinge Rotation Angle Renseignements
Z403 RAL 9003 Blanc PA6 105°
Caractéristiques standards
  • One version for LH and RH door
  • Panel thickness : 0.8-2.0 mm
  • Additional screw fixing
  • Quick and stable fixing with guide

Informations Complémentaires

Charnières à pistons Z403 technical drawing

Part Number Guide

Product Number Colour Area A Logo Area B Logo
Z403 9003 White Standard 0 Without Logo 0 Without Logo
  Other RAL Non-standard 1 Crosskey Logo Standard 1 Crosskey Logo Standard
      2 Customers Logo 2 Customers Logo
Z403 9003 1 0