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5 Disc Shuttered In-line Key Switch 3738

5 Disc Shuttered In-line Key Switch 3738
Technical Drawing

A 5 Disc Shuttered In-line Key Switch 3738 available with a stainless steel cap and passivated body. 

Once connected to a C.K. low voltage switch, the 3738 forms part of a circuit that is controlled by the key. This keyswitch is also equipped with a shutter which makes it ideal for use in Enclosure applications such as switchgears and fire alarm systems.

Product Code Combinations Body Length Head Width Head Depth Circuit Key Free Total Movement Inquire
3738-01-4A 200 33.3 23.2 5 1 Pole OFF/ON 1 90° Inquire
3738-05-4A 200 33.3 23.2 5 1 Pole OFF/ON (multiple) 90° Inquire
  • Standard movements: Key free 1, 4
  • Lock Combinations: 200
  • Standard finish: Stainless steel cap, passivated body
  • Fixing hole shape: Double D
  • M Keyed system supplied to order only
  • Switch Type Available: C.K. (Low Voltage) Switch
Electrical Specification
  • Proof voltage: 1K V
  • Current carrying capacity (non-shorting): 2 A
  • Contact resistance (switch resistive load): 2 A 24 V
  • Insulation resistance: >250G ohm
  • Initial contact resistance: < 100m Ohm
  • Minimum operating life: 10,000 cycles
  • Contact material: silver plated brass
  • Body material: Acetal
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 65°C
Standard movement
Product Code Total Movement Key Free Switch Configuration
3738-01-4A 90° 1 1 Pole Off/On
3738-05-4A 90° 1, 4 1 Pole Off/On