22.4mm Freewheel Latch Lock A208

22.4mm Freewheel Latch Lock A208
Technical Drawing

A 22.4mm freewheel latch lock A208. Once the padlock is fixed through the head of the lock, the knob rotates 360° so the lock cannot be leveraged and broken. This is a very secure lock and ideal for applications such as Lockers.

Product Code Body Length Head Height Head Depth Max Panel Thickness Fixing Hole Size Shackle Diameter Inquire
A208 22.4 31 15 see description 19.1 x 16.1 Min 6 - Max 8 Inquire
  • Lock Combinations: Padlock
  • Panel thickness: 14.5mm (nut fixing), 0.8 – 1.2mm (horseshoe clip fixing)
  • Fixing hole shape: Double D
  • Recommended shackle diameter: 6 – 8mm
  • Dimension ‘B’ & ‘X’ Specification: See Cams