All Weather Locks

Our range of all weather locks and cam locks is designed to withstand the elements for use outside. Their water resistant nature makes them ideal for external use applications such as:

  • Meter boxes
  • Access panels and doors
  • Mail boxes
  • Dropboxes

Our all weather lock range includes:

  • Key operated water resistant cam locks - specifically designed for use in wet environments
  • Water resistant handles - L handles, T handles and wing handles for use on windows or outdoor enclosures.
  • Tool operated locks - Ideal for use in outdoor applications such as mailboxes and enclosures.

The all weather locks in this section are all designed and manufactured to meet the IP65 and IP55 standards as set out in BS EN 60947-1: 1992.

IP rating as follows: 

6 = Complete protection against contact with live or moving parts inside the enclosure, protection against dust.

5 = Protection against water-jets, water projected from any direction under stated conditions shall have no harmful effect.

For more information on all weather locks or Waterproof Lock Standards click here or contact us on +1 (616) 994 0490.

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