Keyless Locks

Keyless locking systems

Lowe & Fletcher Inc’s keyless locks can be found used in a range of applications, whether you’re looking for a tool operated locking solution, coin-operated locks or combination locks, we can help.

  • Tool operated locks - our range of tool operated locks operate by means of special tools such as tri-head spanners, square-head spanners, allen keys or double-barbed spanners. They are ideal for use in outdoor or wet conditions due to their water resistant nature. View our range of water resistant tool operated locks here.

  • Coin operated locks - we supply a range of coin operated locks for use in multiple applications such as lockers and personal storage for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping malls and amusement parks. These locks are designed to reduce the need for replacement keys and can be designed to work with coins or tokens.  

  • Combination locks - combination locks can be designed and fitted to meet virtually any requirement. They are ideal for restricted access areas or for areas where many people enter and key loss can be a problem for security and in the cost of replacement keys. Combination locks give you more control and combinations can be changed at any time.


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If you’re looking for keyless locks for any purpose, get in touch with Lowe & Fletcher’s lock specialists to discuss your individual application. We will work with you to achieve the best solution for your needs.