Coin Operated Locks

Are you considering coin operated locks? They offer an effective secure storage solution – eliminating the need to hand out keys, coin operated locks can significantly reduce locker associated issues.

Coin operated locks are suitable for a range of applications

Coin operated locks require a coin or token to be used to enable locking and are often used on lockers in the following locations:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Workplaces
  • Sports facilities
  • Leisure facilities

Coin lock features

Coin locks from Lowe & Fletcher Inc come with a coin return tray as standard, and conform to the industry standard footprint. We’re experienced in working with businesses of all sizes and are able to scale our solutions to suit your requirements.

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For further information on coin operated locks, please email or call us on +1 (616) 994 0490. If coin operated locks are not your preferred solution, we offer a vast range of alternatives (and we’re also able to design custom locking solutions).