Asset Management

Asset Management Scene

Asset management and security go hand in hand. At Lowe & Fletcher USA we offer a wide range of locks for your asset management needs where security is required to protect valuables.

Our extensive range includes:

  • Pin Tumbler Locks
  • Cam Locks
  • Lever Locks
  • Switch Locks

Looking for something a bit more secure? Our Radial Pin Tumbler (RPT) Locks and the Upper Grade (UGL) Camlocks offer excellent pick resistance and have higher differ numbers than conventional disc tumbler camlocks.

Our locks can be found on:

  • Snack and Drink Vending machines
  • Arcade Gaming machines
  • ATM machine
  • Cash registers
  • Safes

If none of our locking systems are quite right for your application, we also offer a custom design and manufacture service if you need something to be adapted or changed. Contact our sales and technical teams at any time on +1 (616) 994 0490 or to discuss your particular requirements.

You can view our vast range of locking systems for asset management applications below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch for further information.


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